Picture of Maximilian Scheller

Maximilian Scheller, M.Sc.

  • Studies of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University Munich (B.Sc. and M.Sc.)
  • Bachelor's Thesis in the field of fibre optical measurement technology
  • Master Studies with focus on Energy Storage and Electromobility
  • Intership and working student at Li.Plus GmbH
  • Master's Thesis: "Analysis of the Ohmic Internal Resistande of battery Systems for the Optimization of Pulse-Power-Tests"


Research Interests
  • Simulation of solid-state batteries using finite-element modeling
  • Characterization of solid-state batteries with non-distructive methods (EIS, DRT)
  • Macroscopic modeling of interfaces in solid-state batteries


Project affiliation

TUMint.Energy Research GmbH – Simulation and Analysis Cluster


Team affiliation



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