Picture of Thomas Roth

Thomas Roth, M.Sc.

  • Bachelor of mechanical engineering at the TH Ingolstdt with focus on automotive engineering (B.Eng.)
  • Master of mechanical engineering at the TU Munich (M.Sc.)
  • Development engineer at Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe GmbH in the field of pyrotechnical separation for batteries


Research Interests
  • Life time and safety behaviour of lithium-ion batteries


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  • Erfan Moyassari, Thomas Roth, Simon Kücher, Chia-Chin Chang, Shang-Chieh Hou, Franz B. Spingler, Andreas Jossen: The Role of Silicon in Silicon-Graphite Composite Electrodes Regarding Specific Capacity, Cycle Stability, and Expansion. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 169 (1), 2022, 010504 more…