Picture of Christopher Mauersberger

Christopher Mauersberger, M.Sc.

  • Studies of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the TU Munich (B.Sc. and M.Sc.)
  • Research assistant in teaching at various TUM chairs
  • Bachelor‘s thesis at the Research Center for Energy Economics (FfE e.V) on flexibility potential at the distribution grid level
  • Research intern at BMW AG and working student at AKKA Germany in the field of low-voltage storage in the on-board power grid
  • Semester abroad at Kyushu University (Japan) and Tomsk Polytechnic University (Siberia)
  • Master's thesis "Influence of Filler Particles and Voids on the Electric Field Distribution in Solid Insulating Materials" at the Professorship for High Voltage Engineering (TUM)
  • Scholarship "Language and Practice in Japan" of the DAAD with language course in Tokyo and internship in Hiroshima in the field of industrial engineering


Research interests
  • Modelling and simulation of solid-state batteries
  • Thermal safety of solid-state batteries

Project affilation
  • FB2-SAFE

Team Affiliation: