Picture of Simon Kücher

Simon Kücher, M.Sc.

  • Studies of engineering science at the University of Salzburg and TU Munich (B.Sc.)
  • Studies of mechanical engineering at TU Munich (M.Sc.)
  • Research assistant at the Institute EES
  • Master thesis: „Electrochemical Dilatometry of Silicon-Graphite and Graphite Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries: Structural Changes during Cycling"

Research interests
  • Characterization of electrochemical energy storage systems
  • Mechanical behaviour of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Team Affiliation:

Team Simulation




  • Erfan Moyassari, Thomas Roth, Simon Kücher, Chia-Chin Chang, Shang-Chieh Hou, Franz B. Spingler, Andreas Jossen: The Role of Silicon in Silicon-Graphite Composite Electrodes Regarding Specific Capacity, Cycle Stability, and Expansion. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 169 (1), 2022, 010504 more…


  • Franz B. Spingler, Simon Kücher, Robert Phillips, Erfan Moyassari, Andreas Jossen: Electrochemically Stable In Situ Dilatometry of NMC, NCA and Graphite Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Cells Compared to XRD Measurements. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168 (4), 2021, 040515 more…
  • Franz B. Spingler, Sven Friedrich, Simon Kücher, Simon Schmid, Daniel López-Cruz, Andreas Jossen: The Effects of Non-Uniform Mechanical Compression of Lithium-Ion Cells on Local Current Densities and Lithium Plating. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168 (11), 2021, 110515 more…