Picture of Sven Friedrich

Sven Friedrich, M.Sc.

  • Study of Industrial Engineering (B.Sc.) at the RWTH University Aachen with focus on Automotive Engineering
  • Bachelor thesis: "Joining processes for the cell-internal contacting of Lithium-ion cells"
  • Studies of Automotive Engineering (M.Sc.) at the Technical University Munich
  • Master‘s Thesis: "Prediction of fast charging time for lithium-ion cells"


Research Interests
  • Safety tests and mechanical modeling for lithium-ion cells
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Team affiliation

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  • Axel Durdel, Sven Friedrich, Lukas Hüsken, Andreas Jossen: Modeling Silicon-Dominant Anodes: Parametrization, Discussion, and Validation of a Newman-Type Model. Batteries 9 (11), 2023, 558 more…


  • Johannes Sturm, Sven Friedrich, Sylvie Genies, Didier Buzon, Gudrun Rahn-Koltermann, Alexander Rheinfeld, Andreas Jossen: Experimental Analysis of Short-Circuit Scenarios Applied to Silicon-Graphite/Nickel-Rich Lithium-Ion Batteries. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 169 (2), 2022, 020569 more…


  • Franz B. Spingler, Sven Friedrich, Simon Kücher, Simon Schmid, Daniel López-Cruz, Andreas Jossen: The Effects of Non-Uniform Mechanical Compression of Lithium-Ion Cells on Local Current Densities and Lithium Plating. Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168 (11), 2021, 110515 more…