InnoCase - Innovative housing concepts for large-format Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion-Cells (LIC) are the key component for the success of electromobility. The internal components are surrounded by a housing, which must fulfill manifold requirements, e.g. protection, cooling and integration into a module assembly. Moreover, in order to achieve a high energy density a large ratio between stored energy and housing mass is elemental. This can be achieved by using large-format housing concepts. The production and utilization of large-format LIC is still related with considerable challenges:

  •  Production- and assembly processes
  •  Cell safety
  • Cooling of the cell stacks

In this project these challenges are addressed in cooperation of the following project partners: ElringKlinger AG, Futavis GmbH, Manz AG, TRUMPF Gruppe, RWTH Aachen, as well as the iwb and the EES of the TU Munich.

The research focus in the subproject of the EES is safety. Based on an electrical-thermal-mechanical model local state variables will be analyzed and a conclusion for an improved electrode design, e.g. the optimal layout of the current collectors, will be reached.


This research project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), grant number 03XP0207F and cared by Project Management Jülich. The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the author.

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