Project iMoBatt

Project iMoBatt

Innovative functionally integrated module design for modular battery packs


The focus of the project iMoBatt is a more economical assembly of energy storage systems. Therefore, the entire product cycle  from design and development to manufacturing, assembly, operation and reuse is considered. The following technical goals and innovations are pursued:

  • Scalable design to increase product flexibility of energy storage technology
  • Innovative handling technique for automated module assembling
  • Integration of functions for simplified assembling of energy storage systems
  • Automted module assembling with continuous quality assurance
  • Generating an entire model to simulate the operation behavior of the energy storage system

Project Partners of the TU München in the Project iMoBatt are MBFZ toolcraft GmbH, Schunk GmbH and Varta Storage GmbH.

The main focus of EES is the simulation of the battery module including a tab-cooling system and possible cell failure. The thermal and electrical characteristics, and safety issues of cell failure are investigated with suitable methods, optimized and the results are taken into account in the design of the battery module.


This research project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), grant number 03ET6153C and cared by Project Management Jülich. The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the author.