Project: ABattReLife

The area-wide implementation of electric mobility is still complicated because of the limited cruising range, the short durability and the high cost factor of the used storages. The international project ABattReLife, in which more than ten institutes from three different countries participate, especially tries to find solutions for the last two problems.

For this purpose, Li-ion cells, modules and packs are stressed for a longer period with the single aging influences occurring in an electric vehicle at once in order to get a better insight in the single aging effects from an electrotechnical as well as an electrochemical point of view. Especially focused is the investigation of the accelerated degradation at the end of the SoH of a vehicle’s battery. One possible aim is to be able to assess the right moment to remove the battery from a vehicle and use it further in 2nd-life-applications like stationary energy storages in a house. In addition, it is investigated, how far batteries, which even cannot be used in 2nd-life-applications no longer, can be disassembled in their single chemical ingredients in order to extend the value chain furthermore. Finally, business models are developed, which coordinate the three cornerstones of the project, the use of the vehicles, the 2nd-life-applications and the recycling.