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  • Study of Electrical Engineering (B.Sc.) at the Xidian University, China, with focus on "power electronics and electrical drive"
  • Intership at Chongqing Jialing Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Bachelor Thesis: "Design and build of a SPWM generator"
  • Study of Electrical and Information Technology at the Technische Universität München with focus on "energy technology"
  • Working student at Riskmethods GmbH
  • Master thesis: "Physics-based Reduced Order Model for Lithium-Ion Cell Simulations"


Research Interests
  • Ageing investigation and modelling of lithium-ion batteries
  • Integration of lithium-ion batteries in Microgrid
  • Optimized energy management system microgrid


Team affiliation


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  • Yulong Zhao, Volkan Kumtepeli, Sebastian Ludwig, Andreas Jossen: Investigation of the distribution of relaxation times of a porous electrode using a physics-based impedance model. Journal of Power Sources 530, 2022, 231250 more…


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