Picture of Jonas Soellner

Jonas Soellner

  • Studies of Renewable Energies - electrical Engineering (B.Eng.) at University of Applied Sciences Munich (Hochschule München)
  • Internship with focus on battery electric vehicles (BEVs) at the testing department of BMW in Eching
  • Bachelor thesis: "Characterization of the PV feed-in power on days with variable cloud cover"
  • Stuedies of electrical Engineering and Information Technology (M.Sc.) at Technische Universität München with focus on embedded systems
  • Master Thesis: "Experimental Modal Analysis of Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells - Investigation and Optimization"


Research Interests
  • Investigation of the resonance behaviour of lithium-ion cells and modules by modal anallysis
  • Influence of vibrations on performance, reliablility, lifetime and safety of lithium-ion cells and modules
  • Coupling of experimental and simulative methods (FEM)


Project affiliation


Team affiliation


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