Biochemical Engineering (MW0020)

The scientific fundamentals of biochemical reactions (physics, chemistry, biochemistry, thermodynamics) are summarized for engineers . Moreover, lectures on the fundamentals of biochemical production technologies using enzymes and cells will be given (bioreaction engineering, downstream-processing, sterilisation and bioanalytics).



Course, each winter term
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  • Chemistry of water
  • biophysics (structure of cells, biological membranes and mass transfer, biopolymers)
  • biochemical energetics (catabolism, anabolism, substrate phosphorylation, respiration, thermodynamics)
  • genetics (genes, gene expression, recombinant DNA-technology)
  • enzymes (classification, kinetics, technical applications, immobilisation)
  • cells (growth, kinetics, reactors,  technical applications)
  • sterilisation (methods, kinetics, heat transfer, aseptic design)
  • downstream-processing of bioproducts (cell separation, cell disruption, extraction/ adsorption, chromatography)
  • bioanalytics