Introduction to Biotechnology (LV0135)

An interdisciplinary introduction to modern biotechnology will be presented for students of 'Biochemistry' and 'Molecular Biotechnology' by the Institute of Biotechnology (Prof. Buchner, Fakulty of Chemistry), the Institute of Biochemical Engineering (Prof. Weuster-Botz, Fakulty of Mechanical Engineering) and the Institute of Biological Chemistry (Prof. Skerra, Weihenstephan Center of Life and Food Sciences)



Course, each summer term
(for details check TUMonline)


  • Biotechnology / Molecular biology
  • Expression systems
  • Folding of proteins
  • Analytics of proteins
  • Proteomics
  • Transcripton
  • Metabolic engineering
  • Proteins as bio-catalysts
  • Cells as bio-catalysts
  • Bio-reactors
  • Biotechnological production processes
  • Antibodies: structure, function and production
  • 'Recombinant' antibodies
  • Isolation and purification of antibodies
  • Purification processes for recombinant proteins