Parallel reaction engineering analysis of microbial fed-batch processes

Christoph Bendig, doctoral thesis Technische Universität München, 2012

Fed-batch processes are often used in the production of biotechnological products. The development and optimization of those bioprocesses is time consuming. Faster time to process may be achieved by the use of parallel stirred tank reactors on a milliliter scale. The objective was thus the application of 48 parallel stirred tank reactors on a milliliter scale for the development and optimization of feeding media for fed-batch processes. Reaction engineering analysis of the nitrogen-addition was investigated on one hand for the riboflavin fed-batch production process with a recombinant Bacillus subtilis. On the other hand, the microbial production of hydrolytic enzymes was studied in fed-batch processes with the filamentous fungi Aspergillus aculeatus and Trichoderma reesei in the parallel approach. Only a few follow-up experiments were shown to be necessary on a liter-scale for a comprehensive bioprocess characterization.


  • Bendig C, Weuster-Botz D (2013): Reaction engineering analysis of cellulase production with Trichoderma reesei RUT-C30 with intermittent substrate supply. Bioproc Biosys Eng 36: 893-900.