Biotechnological production of microbial oils from carbon dioxide using microalgae and oleaginous yeasts in an integrated process

(M.Sc. Ayşe Koruyucu)

Bioprocess engineering tools enabled the production of Microchloropsis salina biomass in open thin-layer cascade photobioreactors with complete carbon dioxide fixation. Biomass separation, homogenization and enzymatic hydrolysis allowed a partial saccharification of the microalgae biomass. Utilizing a membrane bioreactor with total cell retention, after phosphate depletion, the production of yeast oil in Cutaneotrichosporon oleaginosus was possible despite the dilute sugar hydrolysate.


  • Koruyucu A, Blums K, Peest T, Schmack-Rauscher L, Brück T, Weuster-Botz D (2023): High-cell-density yeast oil production with diluted substrates imitating microalgae hydrolysate using a membrane bioreactor. Energies 16: 1757.