Asymmetric syntheses with new oxidoreductases from cyanobacteria

Kathrin Hölsch, doctoral thesis Technische Universität München, 2009

Chiral alcohols constitute important intermediates in the synthesis of optically active compounds. These building blocks can be easily obtained by biocatalytic reduction of prochiral ketones. The discovery of a novel oxidoreductase in cyanobacteria capable of enantioselective reduction of even multi-halogenated ketones offers an alternative route to chiral building blocks. In this thesis, it was demonstrated that ketoacyl reductases from cyanobacteria are well suited for industrial processes in terms of specific activity, substrate spectrum and stability. A study of 16 ketoacyl reductases from cyanobacteria belonging to different taxonomic groups revealed enzymes with high potential for use in asymmetric synthesis of chiral alcohols. Exemplarily, a novel method for in situ regeneration of cofactors was elaborated and applied to asymmetric syntheses using one of those enzymes.


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