M.Sc. Marleen Beentjes

Graduate research assistant

Technical University of Munich
TUM School of Engineering and Design
Department of Energy and Process Engineering
Systems Biotechnology Group
Boltzmannstr. 15
85748 Garching

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Room: 2403
Email: marleen.beentjes@tum.de



Education 2015 - 2018                   Biotechnology (Bachelor), Wageningen University (NL)
Bachelor's thesis 2018

Chair group Bioprocess Engineering, Wageningen University:

„Characterization and modelling of ethyl acetate tolerance for

Escherichia coli harbouring the eat1 gene“

Education 2018 - 2020 Industrial Biotechnology (Master), TUM
Student job 2018 - 2019

Laboratory Becker & Kollegen, München

Microbiology department

Student assistant

2019 - 2020     

Systems Biotechnology Group, TUM
Master's thesis 2020

Systems Biotechnology Group, TUM:

„Engineering, evaluation and modelling of a T7-based expression system in Pseudomonas putida for efficient heterologous protein production“

Graduate research assistant Since 2021

Systems Biotechnology Group, TUM:

OctoPus: Experimental quantification and data-based modelling of amino acid synthesis cost in Pseudomonas putida