The German Biomass Research Center (DBFZ) hosted the 6th International Conference on Monitoring and Control of Anaerobic Digestion Processes (VI. CMP) on March 22 and 23 in Leipzig, Germany.

Our PhD student Daniel Klüh is on a research stay in Bogotá at the National University of Colombia.

Am Dienstag, 28.02.2023 legte Simon Härtl (vormals HSWT) im Rahmen seiner kooperativen Promotion (TUM - HSWT) mit Erfolg sein Rigorosum am TUMCS ab.

As part of the "Optinox" project, a measurement campaign was carried out in Denmark at the beginning of February. NOx emissions and precursor compounds such as HCN or ammonia were measured directly in the combustion chamber at 2 different biomass power plants. The measurements in the combustion…

Bilder: Regenerative Energiesysteme (© RES / TUMCS, M. Gaderer, G. Tilk)

Reverion GmbH mit dem Bayerischen Energiepreis 2022 in der Kategorie "Energieerzeugung - Strom, Wärme" ausgezeichnet.

Gas industry honors forward-looking projects – Reverion among the award winners

Reverion enables an emission-free future and ensures the success of the global energy transition through the optimal use of biogas.

On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, Peter Schwanzer (formerly OTH Regensburg, now Scale MT GmbH) successfully passed his doctoral viva at TUMCS as part of his cooperative doctorate (TUM - OTH).

Our PhD student Daniel Klüh gives insights into the production and future of e-fuels.