Our PhD students Elke Schropp and Gabriel Naumann presented their research results at the 11th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM 2023) in Lille. With about 1000 participants from academia and industry, the LCM is one of the most renowned conferences in the field of…

Various measurement methods are available for determining mixing quality in biogas digesters, most of which provide a point-by-point reading. These include ion-selective electrodes, in-line viscometers, force sensors, magnetic-inductive sensors or ultrasonic sensors.

For the production of polyethylene, which is found for example in film products, ethylene is needed as a monomer. The production of ethylene today is mainly based on fossil raw materials. Steamcracking is used to convert the fossil raw materials into short-chain molecules molecules such as ethylene…

Both have been research associates at the Professorship of Regenerative Energy Systems, Katharina Alt from 2016 - 2022, Wolfgang Waldmüller from 2015 - 2021.

The German Biomass Research Center (DBFZ) hosted the 6th International Conference on Monitoring and Control of Anaerobic Digestion Processes (VI. CMP) on March 22 and 23 in Leipzig, Germany.

Our PhD student Daniel Klüh is on a research stay in Bogotá at the National University of Colombia.

Am Dienstag, 28.02.2023 legte Simon Härtl (vormals HSWT) im Rahmen seiner kooperativen Promotion (TUM - HSWT) mit Erfolg sein Rigorosum am TUMCS ab.