Latest information online for lectures like "Sustainable Mobility"

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As part of project 'The EIland' this institute offers a number of topics.

Project description: Climate protection sub-concept Greifswald

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Terrestrial light emissions are a good source for analysing the spatial development of economies. The two pictures show Syria in the years 2010 and 2013. The effects of the civil war are clearly visible. Source: Mehdi El Aouni, data: NOAA

Photos of scoping mission in Zimbabwe

Impressions from the scoping mission in Zimbabwe from August 2015 for the mission station of the 21st century [read more]

Timetable for lecture series

The Lecture Series Renewable Energy Systems in Developing Countries now has a timetable with all topics, speakers and locations. [read more]

Lectures for winter term now online

The lectures for the winter term 2015/16 are now available. Topics for both seminars will be published by the end of September. [read more]