We present the following two (German) internship offers by the German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation – reg. assoc.: Praktikant Klimafinanzierung in Mexiko, Büro Mexiko Stadt (m/w) Praktikant Klimafinanzierung in Mexiko, Partnerbüro Guadalajara (m/w)

On 30 June 2015, students and researchers of this institute visited ZAE Bayern in Garching. They were hosted and introduced by Mr. Läveman, associate director for energy storage. Several talks gave an overview on the topics mobile heat storage using sorption, phase change materials, ecological…

16th Kulmbacher Energegespräche - Geothermal energy (video, 6min)

How big is the geothermal potential around Kulmbach? Prof. Hamacher and Tobias Eder speak about near-surface geothermal energy. [read more]

Topics for Seminar on Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems in summer term 2015

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Lectures and seminars now listed

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Article "Wasserräder für Nepal" by Stephan Baur published in TUMcampus magazine

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New theses topics in cooperation with TUM CREATE RP 8

Beginning in March 2015, six new topics for Master theses or internships are now available at TUM CREATE in Singapore. [read more]

Together with ENIANO GmbH, a spin-off company of this institute, we announce a new thesis offer for an interdiscpliniary project (IDP).

New research topic: Energy for developing countries

The scientific work contributes to solving the lack of energy in developing and newly industrialized countries. Pilot projects are currently being realized in Zimbabwe and Nepal. [read more]