Modul "Practical Course Simulation and Optimization of Mechatronic Drive Systems for MSPE"


M.Sc. Wei Tian

Content Practical Training: 4 SWS
Cycle Summerterm
Time & Room

Room: 0901
time schedule - S 2024

Links TUMonline
Language of instructionEnglish


After successful participation in the module, the student is able to: - understand the process of electromagnetic energy conversion in rotating electric machines, - to set up simple models for DC and AC machines, - to understand the operation of power electronic actuators, - to implement and parameterize the controller structures covered in the module using the simulation tools used, - to design and optimize controllers for DC and AC machines in the constant torque region and field weakening range, - to use simulation tools (e.g., Matlab / Simulink) to investigate the behavior of mechatronic systems, - to analyze and evaluate simulation results.


This module consists of a series of computer-based simulation experiments with the following content being covered: - Presentation of different modeling methods with respective advantages and disadvantages. - Introduction to various simulation methods for linear, nonlinear, time-continuous and time-discrete systems. - Modeling and simulation of electric motors (DC machine, asynchronous machine, synchronous machine). - Introduction of common control methods for DC and AC drives. - Controller design and optimization of control circuits for various drive systems. - Investigation of transients and disturbances