Seminar on Power Electronics and Electrical Drives


Seminar topics for summer semester 2024:

Seminar on Intelligent Methods in Mechatronics (Advanced seminar)

TypeAdvanced seminar
Duration4 SWS
TermSommersemester 2024
Language of instructionEnglish


After attending the module, the students are able: - to familiarize themselves independently with specified topics in the field of electrical drive systems and power electronics in industry and/or research, - to write a technical report on their work, - and, to present and discuss their work in the framework of a technical seminar with professional audience.


----------------------------------------------------------------------- Seminar on Power Electronics and Electrical Drives: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The seminar offers the opportunity to become acquainted with recent topics of electrical drive systems and power electronics in research and industry. The topics are related to, but not restricted to, current research topics, e.g., - Modern concepts for electronic power conversion, - Design and optimization of high-power converters and their components, - Control strategies for power converters, - Sensorless control of electrical drives, - Modern strategies in drive control, - “Hardware-in-the-Loop” systems, - Power electronics for renewable energy systems, among others. During the seminar dates the participants are trained to improve their presentation and discussion skills and, during an individual work phase on their specified topic, they are supervised by a tutor in preparing a technical report and presentation. Finally, the students present their results and answer questions in the subsequent discussions.

Teaching and learning methods

Each participant works on an individual technical and/or scientific problem. This is mainly carried out by each student independently. Depending on their individual topic, participants are assigned to an individual tutor. The tutors assist students – especially in the beginning of the work – by introducing the topic, providing appropriate literature and helpful guidelines regarding the problem and its solution, the written report, and the oral presentation.