Welcome to the Wind Energy Institute

Mission of TUM Wind Energy Institute (WEI): “to educate students and to advance wind energy science and technology towards a fully renewable future energy mix”.

Wind energy has become one of the principal sources of renewable energy in the world, and it is expected to play an ever-growing role in the transition away from fossil fuels. The success of wind energy is primarily due to the great progress made in the last decades in understanding the complex physical phenomena that underlie the process of energy conversion from wind, and translating this knowledge into sound technical solutions. Notwithstanding the recent advances, there are still many scientific and technological challenges that need to be overcome, in order to increase the penetration of wind, reduce its cost and mitigate its impacts. To contribute to the achievement of these goals, the Wind Energy Institute at TUM works on basic scientific and application-oriented problems, often in close collaboration with industry. Areas of specific expertise of the Institute embrace all main wind-energy-relevant scientific disciplines, including aerodynamics, structures, dynamics, materials, controls, with a strong focus on multi-disciplinarity and a system-engineering point of view. Some of the most exciting on-going projects at the Institute are briefly described in the page Research.