Research at the Wind Energy Institute

The Wind Energy Institute (WEI) concentrates its research activities on four highly interconnected thrust areas: simulation, testing, control and design. The institute works both on basic scientific and application-oriented problems, often in close collaboration with industry. Areas of specific expertise embrace all main relevant scientific disciplines, including aerodynamics, structures, dynamics, materials, controls and electrical aspects.

Research Foci

  • Modeling and simulation of wind energy systems
  • Multidisciplinary design
  • Aeroservoelasticity, loads and stability
  • Control of wind turbines and wind farms
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Operation and maintenance


  • Scaled wind turbine and wind farm models
  • Model building lab
  • Computational lab


  • Multibody dynamics, computational mechanics, non-linear finite element methods
  • Model reduction and system identification
  • Design and synthesis of model-based controllers
  • Design and manufacturing of aeroelastically-scaled and actively controlled wind turbine models for wind tunnel testing
  • Data analytics