Modul "Practical Course Power Electronics DC/DC Converter"


Dr. Gean Maia de Sousa

Fawad Rauf

Content Practical Training: 4 SWS
Cycle Summerterm
Time & Room Room 0901
time schedule
Links TUMonline
Language of instructionEnglish


After successful participation in the module, the student is able to: • Work independently and safely in a power electronics laboratory • Understand the behavior and operating mechanism of switched-mode power converters • Understand the concept of systematic hardware debugging • Understand the concept of electromagnetic compatibility analysis of DC/DC converters • Apply the concept of efficiency analysis of DC/DC converters • Evaluate different DC/DC converter topologies regarding efficiency, cost, electromagnetic compatibility • Create a magnetic coil for a simple DC/DC converter


This module consists of a series of hands-on laboratory experiments with the following content being covered: • Understanding the working principle of a buck-converter by measuring and testing a working prototype (12V-to-5V converter) • Designing and building a magnetic coil for a boost converter and including this coil in an existing setup • Analyzing an industrial DC/DC converter and its design criteria • Experimental evaluation of a state-of-the-art load resonant converter (LLC) • Experimental comparison of the different topologies regarding efficiency, electromagnetic compatibility, thermal behavior, and topology-dependent advantages