Kais Siala, M.Sc.

Time at the Chair September 2015 - February 2020
E-Mail kais.siala@tum.de


  • M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Technical University of Munich, Focus: Power Engineering
  • Master’s Thesis at TUM CREATE (Singapore), submitted to the Institute for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems: “Determination of the Power Generation Potential of Solar PV and Wind in South East Asia”

Research interests

  • Modelling and optimization of energy systems (European electricity market model)
  • Complex socio-economic systems



  • Lecture Mathematical Modelling of complex systems in the field of energy


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Past theses topics

BA = Bachelor’s thesis, DA = Diploma thesis, MA = Master’s thesis, SA = Study work
Topic Type Year
Turning Technology into Business - Using Business Model Canvas Methodology to Spread Island Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa MA 2016
Potential Assessment of Geothermal Energy in Bavaria MA 2016
Zusammenhang zwischen der Platzierung von Energiespeichern und der Netztopologie MA 2017
Veränderung der effektiven Topologie des Stromnetzes durch den Einsatz von Speichern MA 2017
Retrospective analysis of the German energy transition using the sociodynamics modeling framework MA 2017
Untersuchung zur Beschaffung von Redispatch BA 2018
Expected influence of residential energy storage on grid ramping BA 2018
Modeling the energy system of California MA 2019
Impact of different spatial resolutions on energy system models MA 2019
Development and Evaluation of a Simplified Approach for Modeling Country Energy Systems MA 2019