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Publication in the Journal Energy Conversion and Management

In February 2024, the article "Quantifying the carbon footprint of energy storage applications with an energy system simulation framework — Energy System Network" was published in the Journal Energy Conversion and Management.

Fundamentally, energy storage plays a crucial role in the flexibility of energy systems by enabling the temporal separation of power generation and demand, thereby making a significant contribution to decarbonization. In this context, the Energy System Network (ESN) presents a novel open-source simulation program that allows for the modeling of various energy system configurations while simultaneously quantifying the carbon footprint.

By applying ESN to two case studies involving lithium-ion batteries, promising results were achieved. An innovative energy arbitrage strategy demonstrated an impressive 17% reduction in the carbon footprint compared to conventional methods. Additionally, ESN enables a detailed analysis of various energy system components, including production, operation, and disposal, providing a comprehensive insight into the lifecycle of energy systems.

The availability of ESN as an open-source tool contributes to transparency and comparability in the evaluation of energy systems. This development not only promises progress towards a more sustainable energy future but also offers valuable insights for decision-makers and professionals in the energy industry.

The open-source ESN tool is available at the following link:

The article is accessible via the following DOI: