Wir stellen ein: PhD Position Systembiotechnologie

In unserer Gruppe ist eine Promotionsstelle zu besetzen! Thema ist die metabolische Belastung durch die Expression eines synthetischen Stoffwechselwegs in Pseudomonas putida. Interessiert? Hier geht es weiter zu der Stellenausschreibung.

PhD position in Systems Biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

The group of Systems Biotechnology (SBT) at the Technical University of Munich focuses on application
of methods from systems biology to problems related to biotechnology. Besides the improvement of the
overall biotechnological processes, the better understanding of the processes inside the cell is a major
research topic. The interdisciplinary group stands at the interface of mathematical modelling and
experimental work in the wet lab.

The mission:
Pseudomonas putida is an important workhorse for contemporary biotechnological applications, as it
combines easy handling and fast growth with a low nutrient demand and an intrinsic resistance to
metabolic and physiological stresses. We aim to achieve a comprehensive, system-level understanding
of the physiology and metabolism of heterologous protein overproduction in P. putida and apply this
knowledge to a biotechnological process. The induction of protein overproduction leads to a switch in
resource allocation from the normal cellular functions towards the additionally implemented task. These
resources comprise not only the transcriptional and translational machinery, but also chemical and redox
energy. To face this new resource distribution, the metabolism as a whole has to adapt to ensure growth
or at least the survival of the cells. If this fails, meaning that any of these resources becomes limiting,
usually the growth rate decreases and heterologous production ceases. This phenomenon is referred
to as `metabolic burden´.
You will study the metabolic burden of the expression of a synthetic metabolic pathway in P. putida from
the experimental as well as the theoretical side and tackle fundamental questions like, what are the
processes taking place during expression of a synthetic pathway and where are the bottlenecks? Which
are the specific resources that become limiting? Can this information be generalized and eventually

Your profile:

• Master degree or similar in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology or related discipline.
• Excellent academic records.
• Strong motivation, scientific curiosity and commitment to scientific excellence.
• Good skills in molecular microbiology.
• Previous experience in mathematical modelling of cellular systems is desirable.
• Team player skills and enthusiasm to work in a multidisciplinary, collaborative environment.

Our offer:

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) stands for scientific excellence and innovation. This is your
opportunity to be part of an interdisciplinary research group, where experimental work and mathematical
modelling go hand in hand to develop the solutions of tomorrow. The Systems Biotechnology group
provides a multidisciplinary environment, offering excellent opportunities for professional growth. We
support career development, continuing education and teaching and training opportunities. You will be
part of an International Project Team in close collaboration with the DTU, Denmark, and funded by the
International Graduate School for Science and Engineering (IGSSE) with a 4-year scholarship earliest
starting in October 2022. For more information on IGSSE, please visit www.igsse.gs.tum.de/en.
As an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, TUM explicitly encourages applications from
women. Preference will be given to disabled candidates with essentially the same qualifications.

Please send your up-to-date and complete application file with cover letter, curriculum vitae, certificates,
and references per email to Prof. Dr. Andreas Kremling (a.kremling@tum.de, phone: +49 89 289 15760)
and Dr. Katharina Pflüger-Grau (k.pflueger-grau@tum.de, phone: +49 289 15765).