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Room: 2439
Building: MW 4, 2.Floor, TUM School of Engineering and Design
Address: Chair of Bioseparation Engineering, Technical University of Munich, Boltzmannstr. 15 85748 Garching

Short Bio

Prof. Sonja Berensmeier has led the Bioseparation Engineering Group at the Technical University of Munich since 2009. Previously, she worked as a group leader at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in the area of biofunctional surfaces. She meets the challenge of integrating molecular biology, biotechnology, particle technology, and process engineering. The focus of her current research is process intensification by adsorptive and extractive separation methods. In the field of adsorbents, she specializes in magnetic and conductive materials and their translation into new process designs.

Berensmeier gained international experience at MIT, ETH, and Iowa State University. She is well established in the scientific community and is a member of the Scientific Committees of the international conferences PREP and ISPPP and a member of the Editorial Board of the journal 'Engineering in Life Sciences'. She received the 2019 Supervisor Advisory Award at the Technical University of Munich for the best supervision of PhD students and also received an award for the best undergraduate course in the field of Engineering Sciences. Berensmeier is highly engaged in supporting young scientists and is a member of the Advisory Board of TUM:Junge Akademie and a Trustee of Bavarian EliteAcademy. Her peer-reviewed papers are currently cited over 300 times a year, and she is the author of 2 book chapters. Six patent applications show the innovative power of her work.