Dymium is a MedTech spin-off that is developing a medical system for the residue-free removal of urinary stone fragments at the Chair of Bioseparation Engineering.


Urinary stone formation is a global disease. The efficient and residue-free removal still poses a challenge in the therapy of urinary stones. Residual stone fragments lead to complications in patients, such as infections, renewed pain, follow-up surgery and causes stone regrowth.

Dymium is developing a suspension that renders urinary stone fragments magnetizable utilizing superparamagnetic particles. This allows them to be removed by a magnetic instrument without leaving residual fragments behind.

The founding team consists of Shyam Srinivasan, Dr. Sebastian Schwaminger and Florian Ebel. Dymium has received several awards. Amongst others, the team won the BioRegions 2021 Innovation Award and took first place in the Bavarian Business Plan Competition 2022.


The project is currently funded by the Edith-Haberland-Wagner-Foundation until the end of 2023. During the funding period, the innovative medical system will be validated in preclinical studies.

Funding at TU Munich:

-          EXIST Startup Grant (Dez 2020 – Nov 2021)

-          FLÜGGE Startup Grant (Dez 2021 – Sep 2022)

-          Zeidler Forschungsstiftung (April 2022)

-          Edith-Haberland-Wagner Foundation (aktuell)


-          Bavarian Business Plan Competition Phase I (2021)

-          Innovation Award of the BioRegions (2021)

-          1st place Bavarian Business Plan Competition Phase II (2022)

-          Place 6-10 Science4Life Venture Cup (2022)

-          1st place at the finale of the Bavarian Business Plan Competition (2022)