Lisa Meier, M.Sc.

Ph.D. Student

Technical University of Munich
TUM School of Engineering and Design
Chair of Bioseparation Engineering

Lichtenbergstraße 4a
85748 Garching


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Room: MEP 1015


Electrosorptive purification of highly active (poly)nucleotide therapeutics

Nucleotide-based gene therapeutics, novel vaccines, and innovative therapeutics including messenger RNA (mRNA) and viral vectors are currently highly relevant and rapidly growing areas in medicine. They have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of genetic diseases, cancer and viral infections by exploiting the unique properties of nucleic acids. Plasmid DNA (pDNA) is the basis of all these novel therapies. The goal of this project is to further develop a potential-driven chromatographic system for the purification of nucleotide-based therapeutics that eliminates the need for solvents or salts. For this purpose, carbon-based composite materials with high binding capacity will be tested as innovative chromatographic materials. Besides environmental, process, or material factors, the focus is on industrial implementation.

Supervisor: Dr. Paula Fraga-García