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Technical University of Munich
TUM School of Engineering and Design
Chair for Bioseparation Engineering

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85748 Garching


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Development of an Innovative Process for the Purification of Nucleotide therapeutics

Therapeutic plasmids and nucleotides are of increasing importance as non-viral vectors for modern gene- and vaccine-based therapies. However, the low cellular content, the strict regulatory requirements for product purity, as well as the size and occurrence of the product in different isoforms complicate the manufacturing process and thus aggravate further market development. This project aims to develop a preparative separation process for the efficient purification of non-viral vectors. The use of novel membranes is expected to increase not only capacity and yield, but also sustainability compared to conventional chromatography processes. The research focus of this project is on the investigation of the interfacial and material properties as well as the binding behavior of the target molecules and the subsequent transfer to a suitable setup. 

Supervisor: Dr. Paula Fraga García