Process development

Thermal and mechanical separation processes are already very well developed for small chemical molecules and are usually tried to adapt to biological processes, whereby the limitations are recognized more and more. With regard to cost-effective, highly productive processes in the field of industrial biotechnology, entirely new approaches are therefore needed. In addition to the optimization of complete downstream processes, new innovative separation techniques as well as integrated processes are the subject of research. Previous processing strategies still consist of many individual process steps, which lead to increased operating costs and processing times. In addition to the integration of individual process steps in the bioproduct processing, the direct in situ product separation of process-limiting substances (inhibiting products) from the biotransformation is of interest in order to achieve even higher productivities of the actual production process.

Current research

Completed research

  • Integrated rhamnolipid production and separation
  • Integrated enzymatic isomaltose synthesis and separation
  • Production and processing of taxoids