to the Institute of Plant and Process Technology.

Process technology is the engineering discipline that deals with the modification of the properties and compositions of substances. An important area of process technology are thermal separation processes, i.e. the separation of gas or liquid mixtures into their individual components. In addition to the separation, the purification of process streams is another important field of application for a multitude of thermal separation processes. The thermal separation technology has great importance in many industrial areas such as the chemical industry (e.g. air separation, purification of synthesis gases, separation of higher hydrocarbons from natural gas, purification of reaction products), the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. dehydration of alcohol), the food industry (e.g. desalination), the oil and gas industry (e.g. oil refining, natural gas liquefaction) and environmental engineering (e.g. air, flue gas and wastewater treatment ) .

Teaching and research of the chair focus on thermal separation processes for fluid mixtures (e.g. distillation, rectification, absorption). The teaching covers the thermodynamic principles of thermal separation processes (e.g. phase equilibrium, mass transfer), the synthesis and optimization of complete processes and the design and dimensioning of separation devices (e.g. plate columns, packed columns).