CryoTRUCK - Development of a cryogenic hydrogen gas storage for application in long-distance commercial vehicles


Reducing greenhouse gases in the mobility sector is one of the most important challenges to stop climate change. Besides the battery technology, hydrogen fueled vehicles are in the focus of research and development. Especially for long-distance commercial vehicles the hydrogen fuel cell is an ideal solution. For this purpose, a highly efficient hydrogen tank is required. The storage of cryogenic compressed hydrogen gas (CcH2) is a promising storage technology and enables high storage densities.

The development and optimization of a cryogenic hydrogen tank system in application for trucks is the focus of the CryoTRUCK research project. The scientific work is to set up appropriate thermodynamic models and simulation models for heat transfer and cold storage. Based on this, the processes of refueling and fuel withdrawal will be simulated dynamically. Experimental investigations on cold storage systems are also planned with the project partners. Both, the modelling and the experimental validation are the basic building blocks in order to integrate the CcH2 storage system into vehicles.

Project Partner

Cryomotive GmbH