Mahdavipour, Pouya, M.Sc.

Lehrstuhl für Energiesysteme
Boltzmannstraße 15
85748 Garching

Zimmer: 3712

Telefon: (089) 289 16312
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  • 1
    Biber, A.; Ferrand, T.; Mahdavipour Vahdati, P.; Westermeier, M.; Mohr, W.; Wieland, C.; Spliethoff, H.: Lifetime Consumption Assessment of Conventional Power Plants. MSE Colloquium 2021 mehr…
  • 2
    Mahdavipour Vahdati, P.; Biber, A.; Ferrand, T.; Westermeier, M.; Wieland, C.; Spliethoff, H.: WP5 – Whole Plant Performance --- Technology Assessment Steam Cycle and Aero Derivative Power Plants. 2nd Contractual Review Meeting, 2021 mehr…
Weitere Veröffentlichungen
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