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We warmly congratulate Tatjana Trunzer on passing the doctoral examination.
Topic of the thesis: Analysis of the Carbon Nanotube Solid-Liquid Interface for Designing a Preparative Potential-Controlled Chromatography.


Soapbox Science 2021


As part of Soapbox Science 2021, Chiara Turrina presented her research on the development of a drug delivery system based on magnetic nanoparticles.


Dymium wins 2021 Innovation Award of the BioRegions in Germany

The project Suspension for the magnetization of kidney stones by Dr. Sebastian Schwaminger and his team around the start-up Dymium wins the Innovation Award 2021 of the BioRegions.



Pilot scale magnetic separation

A portrait of magnetic separation for the purification of proteins was published in perspektiven a magazine of Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG. The article focuses on Eva Krolitzki's research into the process development of high-gradient magnetic separation on a pilot scale.



We are happy to welcome Tobias Steegmüller to our team.

We are happy to welcome Ines Zimmermann to our team.

We are happy to welcome Dennis Röcker to our team.

Conference Talks 2022

  • Berensmeier S:  New benchmarks in magnetic separation of protein purification. BPP 2022, Aveiro, Portugal, Key lecture, 2022.
  • Berensmeier S:  Title to be announced. PREP 2022, Baltimore, USA, Invited lecture, 2022.
  • Berensmeier S:  Novel multifunctional peptide tags for new protein immobilization and purification techniques. 7th Halle conference on Biologics, Halle, Germany, Invited lecture, 2022.
  • Berensmeier S:  Evolution of a disruptive downstream processing technology based on magnetic separation. PepTalk 2022, San Diego, USA, Invited lecture, virtual, 2022.

Conference Talks 2021

  • Trunzer T, Fraga-Garcia P, Berensmeier S: Potential-controlled chromatography - a new separation method based on carbon nanotubes, AIChE, Boston, virtual, USA, 2021.
  • Ebel F, Srinivasan S, Wengler M, Schwaminger S: Setting the new gold standard for kidney stone extraction, STAGE2 Awards, Berlin, 2021
  • Abarca-Cabrera L, Fraga-Garía P, Berensmeier S: Separation of biomolecules from model and biotechnological mixtures using iron oxide nanoparticles, ISPPP 2021, Porto, Portugal.
  • Bäumler M, Schwaminger S, von der Haar-Leistl D, Berensmeier S: Upscaling the production of a novel, high potential phosphate binding nanomaterial, ISIC, virtual,2021
  • Krolitzki E, Schwaminger S, Berensmeier S: Pushing boundaries: Magnetic bioseparation processes with low-cost nano particles on a technical scale, ECCE 13 & ECAB 6, virtual, 2021.
  • Wittmann L, Schwaminger S: Simulation a magnetic millifluidic fractionation of a heterogeneous yeast culture, ECCE 13 & ECAB 6, virtual, 2021.
  • Fraga-García P, Schwaminger S, Kaveh-Baghbaderani Y, Abarca-Cabrera L, Berensmeier S: The protein corona from the perspective of complex non-physiological systems, ECIS, European Colloid & Interface Society, Athens, 2021.
  • Berensmeier S:  New breakthroughs in protein separation: High capacity magnetic adsorbers and their automated magnetic separation. Bioprocessing Summit 2021, Boston, Key lecture, virtual, USA.
  • Turrina C, Schwaminger S: Magnetically controlled drug delivery: Interaction of a cationic antimicrobial peptide with bare iron oxide nanoparticles, WiFo (Young Chemists - The Collective (JungChemikerForum), Garching, 2021
  • Schwaminger S, Hatton TA: Intermolecular Binding within the Electrochemical Double Layer on Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: Effect of Potential, ACS Fall Meeting (Atlanta, US) 22.08.-26.08.2021
  • Schwaminger S, Wittmann L: Microfluidic fractionation: a new approach to study heterogeneous yeast cultures, MSB (Boston, US, virtual) 12.-15.07.2021
  • Berensmeier S: Magnetic separation for high value proteins - The high potential of magnetic nanoparticles, PREP 2021, Baltimore, Key lecture, virtual, USA.
  • Kaveh-Baghbaderani Y, Schwaminger S, Fraga-García P, Berensmeier S: Immobilization of antibody-binding ligand onto bare iron oxide nanoparticles by an affinity peptide tag, Affinity, virtual 2021.
  • Rauwolf S, Schwaminger S, Berensmeier S: New silica-binding peptide tag: Molecular interactions at silica surfaces, Affinity, virtual 2021.
  • Zanker A, Kurzbach S, Stargardt P, Schwaminger S, Mairhofer J, Berensmeier S: Microbial extracellular production and affinity separation of industrial relevant proteins by nonfunctionalized magnetic particles, Elevator’s pitch, Himmelfahrtstagung 2021,
  • Zanker A, Ahmad N, Hoang Son T, Schwaminger S, Berensmeier S: Directed enzyme immobilization on bare magnetic nanoparticles by a new selective tag, 13th European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES) , 2021.
  • Trunzer T, Fraga-García P, Berensmeier B: Multiscale process development for potential-controlled chromatography –  A symbiosis of ion exchange and electrochemistry, 13th European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES), 2021.
  • Rauwolf R, Bag S, Schwaminger S, Wenzel W, Dias-Cabral C, Berensmeier S: Silica for protein purification: from amino acid interaction to rational development of a peptide tag, 13th European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES) 2021.
  • Berensmeier S: Kolloquium ‘Downstream-Processing’, BOKU, Vienna, Austria, 2021.
  • Schwaminger S: Dymium, Talk at Ideation, MIT Biotech Group and Harvard Biotech Club (USA, virtual), 13.05.2021
  • Wittmann L, Schwaminger S: Magnetic millifluidic fractionation of a heterogeneous yeast culture, ProcessNet-Fachgruppen Mechanische Flüssigkeitsabtrennung, Zerkleinern und Klassieren sowie Agglomerations- und Schüttguttechnik, 2021
  • Turrina C, Schwaminger S: Interaction of a cationic antimicrobial peptide with bare iron oxide nanoparticles, 15 th International conference on materials chemistry (MC 15) 2021, Dublin, Ireland
  • Turrina C, Schwaminger S: Nanotechnologie in der Krebstherapie: Klein aber fein!; Nanotechnology in cancer therapy: small but excellent!, Soapbox Science Munich, 24th July, Germany