Successful measurement campaign in Denmark

Messsonde (Foto: TUMCS/RES)
Heißgasfilter und Gasentnahme
Heißgasfilter und Gasentnahme (Foto: TUMCS/RES)
Gasentnahme (Foto: TUMCS/RES)
"Hitzebeständige Ingenieure" der TUM
"Hitzebeständige Ingenieure" der TUM (Foto: TUMCS/RES)
Anlieferung des Brennstoffs per Schiff
Anlieferung des Brennstoffs per Schiff (Foto: TUMCS/RES)

As part of the "Optinox" project, a measurement campaign was carried out in Denmark at the beginning of February. NOx emissions and precursor compounds such as HCN or ammonia were measured directly in the combustion chamber at 2 different biomass power plants. The measurements in the combustion chamber were very challenging for the material and the performing staff because of the high temperatures up to 1100 °C. Many thanks to the power plant operators for the access and support at the plants.

The project and measurements were performed in collaboration with the Chair of Energy Systems (LES). Involved in the measurement was a team of 4 PhD students: Gabriel Roeder, Johannes Haimerl (both LES), Yusheng Chen and Daniel Klüh (both RES). The obtained data will be used to validate CFD models of the power plants.

In addition, we would like to thank Sebastian Weiker (RES), who designed and set up the measurement method and the setup for the field measurements in advance and has verified them in many field measurements at power plants in the south of Germany.