Ferrand, Thomas, Dipl.-Ing.

Chair of Energy Systems
Boltzmannstrasse 15
85748 Garching

Room: 3712

Phone: (089) 289 16312
Fax: (089) 289 16271

Email: thomas.ferrand@tum.de

Office Hours

by appointment

Main Research


  • 6
    Ferrand, T.; Oettig, J.; Schäfer, L.; Gschnaidtner, T.; Omar Naja, M.; Wieland, C.; Spliethoff, H.: A limitation to determine heat transfer of water at supercritical pressure: The repeatability issue. Applied Thermal Engineering 219, Part B (119357), 2022 more…
  • 5
    Schifflechner, C.; Irl, M.; Molar-Cruz, A.; Keim, M.; Loewer, M.; Ferrand, T.; Spliethoff, H.: Optimized pipe diameter and insulation thickness of long-distance heat interconnection pipelines. European Geothermal Congress 2022 (EGC), 2022 more…
  • 4
    Biber, A.; Ferrand, T.; Mahdavipour Vahdati, P.; Westermeier, M.; Mohr, W.; Wieland, C.; Spliethoff, H.: Lifetime Consumption Assessment of Conventional Power Plants. MSE Colloquium 2021 more…
  • 3
    Mahdavipour Vahdati, P.; Biber, A.; Ferrand, T.; Westermeier, M.; Wieland, C.; Spliethoff, H.: WP5 – Whole Plant Performance --- Technology Assessment Steam Cycle and Aero Derivative Power Plants. 2nd Contractual Review Meeting, 2021 more…
  • 2
    Keim, M., Hamacher, T., Loewer, M., Molar-Cruz, A., Schifflechner, C., Ferrand, T., Wieland, C., Drews, M., Zosseder, K., Bauer, W., Bohnsack, D., Heine, F., Konrad, F., Pfrang, D., Schölderle, F.: Bewertung Masterplan Geothermie. Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Wirtschaft, Landesentwicklung und Energie, Geothermie-Allianz-Bayern, 2020, more…
  • 1
    Eze, C.; Lau, K.; Ahmad, S.; Nnamani, N.; Ferrand, T.; Gschnaidtner, T.; Wieland, C.; Zhao, J.: Mitigation of heat transfer deterioration in a circular tube with supercritical CO2 using a novel small-scale multiple vortex generator. International Journal of Thermal Sciences 156, 2020, 106481 more…