Urban Energy Systems and modern infrastructure for cities ()

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration4 SWS
TermWintersemester 2023/24
Language of instructionGerman
DatesSee TUMonline


Upon completion of the module, students understand the complexity of the technical system “city”. They are able to show the concept of the building data base as a central tool to dimension the infrastructure. The students are able to describe the problems to raise data and to apply estimations in order to bridge gaps in the data base. They can illustrate important infrastructures – especially in the energy sector – and prepare the dimension of the system with help of simple examples. The students recognize the advantages of the cross-sectorial planning as a major tool of modern city planning.


Short introduction to city planning a s general subject. Statistics on population and employees and building data bases will be presented as major data for the further analysis. City and energy: Analysis of different energy demands: Space and process heat, electricity and transport fuels. Cross-sectorial grid planning: District heating and cooling, gas and electricity grids. City and Information: Modern forms of communication between optical fibre cabel and G5. Connecting energy and information in the smart grid. City and Traffic: Special forms of urban transport, electrification of urban traffic. City and supply: short introduction to the supply of water and food. City and waste disposal: Disposal of solid waste and waste water under the special consideration of an energetic use.



Teaching and learning methods

- Presentation - Computer-based examples


The exam will cover the following items: there will be a written test at the end of the lecture. Short questions and multiple-choice will be used to test theoretical knowledge. Calculations will test the demonstrated applications, the algorithm and the methods to dimension the components of the infrastructure. The competencies in methods and to estimate the order of magnitude of a problem if especially no detailed information is given will be tested by text questions. A grade will be assigned to the written test.