Nepal – Lophelling Boarding School: stable power supply day and night!

Just a few months ago, the power supply at Lophelling Boarding School in the Manang Valley in remote Nepal was anything but reliable. The pupils would often have to do their homework by candlelight.

To improve the situation, two TUM students, as part of their academic work, designed a decentralized hybrid energy system for the school. A number of photovoltaic modules, a small-scale wind turbine and a battery system were combined to ensure a steady supply of electricity at any time. Last autumn, after a thorough planning phase, the two electrical engineering students got to fly in and implement the energy system in cooperation with students from Kathmandu University. The local teachers also lent a helping hand. Now, after a winter break, the new system has commenced operation, enabling the pupils to blow out their candles and turn on their LED lights for studying.