RegHEE – Local Trade and Labelling of Electricity from Renewable Sources on a Blockchain Platform

Funding Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy
Supporter Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern
Duration 01.03.2019 - 28.02.2022
Contact Dr.-Ing. Peter Tzscheutschler
Michel Zade, M.Sc.
Sebastian Dirk Lumpp, M.Sc.
Partner Thüga AG



In recent years, the quantity of distributed generation plants, in particular photovoltaics, in Bavaria has increased dramatically. Currently, the energy industry does not offer any solutions for the direct trade of electrical energy, or the associated settlement, between generators/prosumers and consumers at the local level. Likewise, current market frameworks do not allow for proof-of-origin labelling of electricity from small-scale generators.

Figure: Visualization of the RegHEE project idea with functionalities and actors

It is the aim of this research project to explore, develop and test a blockchain-based peer-to-peer market for distributed generation and storage units, including labelling. To this end, existing blockchain systems will be analyzed to inform the system architecture design. Subsequently, on- and off-chain solutions, for example in the form of smart contracts, will be developed to enable direct, automated trade between local prosumers and end users. It is an explicit objective that, where possible, the developed platform will operate in accordance with current regulatory, as well as energy economic, frameworks. A reference system employing a centralized architecture and exhibiting comparable functionality will be implemented and compared. Both the blockchain-based platform and the reference system will be deployed in the field in cooperation with a local municipal utility and subsequently subjected to a comparative assessment from which recommended actions will be derived.