Team Battery Systems

The interdisciplinary team Battery Systems is dealing with all electrical, thermal and mechanical issues, arising during the development of modern battery systems.

A quick and flexible optimization of energy storage systems can only be achieved by a detailed survey and modeling of the particular properties and behavior characteristic for multicellular setups. Hence, a profound understanding and simulation of those systems via equivalent circuit networks and thermal 3D simulations accounts for the team’s main area of research.

All investigations, especially lifecycle and aging tests are adapted to the features and requirements of real-life applications. The numerous projects conducted within the team result in specific battery systems designed for electric vehicles, stationary storage and aerospace applications.

Focus areas of the team’s research include amongst others:

  • Electrical and thermal modeling of multicellular battery systems
  • Design and optimization of battery thermal management systems
  • Ageing effects and lifetime studies of multicellular systems
  • Asymmetries occurring with cells being connected in serial and/or parallel
  • Testing, modeling and optimization of safety relevant features in battery systems
  • Impact of mechanical stress, e.g. vibrations on lifetime and system safety
  • Application of functional material, e.g. phase change material, for temperature equalization
  • Hybrid systems combining high energy and high power storage
  • Joining technology and its impact on battery systems

Selected publications