Project EffSkalBatt

Efficient, scalable and sustainable stationary battery energy storage systems (BESS) are crucial for the decarbonization of the energy supply system, while maintaining energy security and quality of power.

As the electromobility revolution led by battery electric vehicles (BEVs) takes off in earnest, an accompanying steep increase in lithium-ion battery (LIB) production volumes is imminent. In addition to spurring further growth of the electromobility sector, the economies of scale, which come into play are widely expected to benefit stationary battery energy storage applications. Deployment of decommissioned automotive LIBs in second-life applications increases the total energy throughput of a battery over its extended lifetime, while simultaneously reducing the net ecological footprint of the technology over its lifecycle.

The objective of the project is to establish a robust system design framework for stationary battery energy storage systems (BESSs), which incorporate second-life batteries to guarantee high system efficiency and scalability. The framework also aims to cut-down on design effort for future stationary BESSs in the face of evolving component specifications and maturity. The consortium will drive research into individual sub-systems of a stationary BESS – the battery packs themselves, crucial auxiliary systems such as the power electronics, battery management (BMS), thermal management (TMS), and the housing. At the core of the project lies a holistic system model simulation tool, which enables the emulation of system operation under varying conditions. Successful construction of a system concept demonstrator and validation of the developed system framework is planned as the culmination of this research project.


This research project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), grant number 03ET6148, and cared by Project Management Jülich. The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the author.

Project Members

Project members
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