Field test - Hardware demonstration and model validation through system monitoring and model validation

It is a key aim of the SES team to link the results of simulation and optimization studies to real-world demonstration. In various completed and ongoing projects, we, therefore, set up hardware demonstrators, apply newly created control strategies, and monitor the systems' behavior. Various of the hardware monitoring projects are being conducted at the interface with industrial partners. 

Ongoing and completed projects involving hardware demonstration

  • Effskalbatt: Development of a containerized storage system for E-Bus fast charging using 2nd-life battery packs.
  • BASE.V: Demonstration of a peer-to-peer trading system involving prosumers with residential battery storage and electric vehicles.
  • iHEM: Development of an advanced home energy management system and prototype residential battery storage system (completed).
  • EEBatt: conceptualization and realization of a containerized storage system tasked with distribution power grid support (completed). More information Energieatlas Bayern (external Link)